About me

Hi, my name is Gargi. I am a traveling working mother from India.

Seems like how can I make it possible, right?

Here I am to share with you just that –

travel alone

Childhood dreams

Thanks to my grandfather who, so vividly described the places, the people, the culture while reading a book, that, they instilled in me the desire to see all those in person. I have always felt that my soul resides at some faraway land.

From Opportunity seeker to Opportunity creator

When we are young we think that there is still time to travel. Perhaps we wait for the perfect husband who will take us to places. Once married we get super busy in making our husbands happy by cooking great foods. One day when we awake to our unfulfilled dreams, we are already old and feeble. Similar things happened to me, though I never waited for a perfect husband to travel 😉

After I had my second kid, it suddenly dawned to me that I might not be able to do things I have always wanted to. My physical strength is on a decline. I awakened to my first lesson in life – that you cannot wait for opportunities but need to create them.

travel with kids

Traveling with kids

I am an agriculture researcher and manager by profession – earning only handful. In my family we are husband, wife and 2 small kids, one 5 years and another 2 years old. I am traveling for past 2 years – both with kids and solo  – thanks to my ever supportive husband who literally pushed me to have my first solo trip to Kerala (the God’s own country).

solo travel

Travel short and travel cheap

One of my bucket list is to travel to the few chosen places in India – though the list is expanding ever since I have started to work on the list 🙂 You, especially the married Indian women with kids, might be wondering –

“How does my husband accommodate my passions and goals especially when I have two small kids!” (I should also mention here is that my husband is happiest in his small nest and doesn’t feel the need to explore the world)

“How do I manage to travel while I am working?”

“How do I manage financially when I say that I earn only handful”

“How can a lady go solo? Is it safe? Is it enjoyable?”

So here I am…. I will be unfolding my story that will slowly give you the clue as to how you can also do the same!!

travel cheap

How I plan to go ahead

Since I am working with two small kids, my current motivation is to travel to nearby places in weekends and on extended holidays. I have always been enchanted by the variety of land-forms and geography and culture that India possess. Now not only I feel this, but my husband also feels that my heart resides not in home 😀 My face glows when I am out and traveling, I wake up before sun rises, I am super charged with energy and take better care of my kids and husbands (probably because I do not want to ruin the opportunity of traveling by grumpy faces :P)

My main aim is to travel as much as possible within the country and enjoy popular places and explore off-beat avenues of travel and tourism. Local customs and culture of any place entice me. I like leisure traveling – to unfold from the daily hurricane schedules of office and home and treks (though currently I am not in my fitter form).

In addition to normal traveling tips I will be providing you with tips on traveling with kids, managing home-front while keeping your goals in focus which includes finances and responsibilities and definitely budget trips.

Thanks for visiting my site. Come let us encourage each other to travel and unravel more about the land and lives of all of us.

If you want to know more, please email me. Trust me, I would love to help each one of you to go free to explore your lives.

Yours Sincerely,